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World Transform

This is a review in the series ‘Members of Missions Interlink’, Missions Interlink being the Australian Evangelical Alliance Inc‘s ‘network for global mission‘. We review these charities because their membership means that they must sign up to a set of standards, and this, at least on paper, makes them a better bet for your donations (or other involvement).

World Transform’ is one such Member.

There is a website in the member’s name linked from the Missions Interlink membership list. They seek donations on this website.

COVID-19 – nothing on the website.


The ACNC, in their article, Donating to Legitimate Charities, gives “some things to consider to help you make sure your donation is going where it is intended”:

  1. Check the charity’s name.
  2. Ask for identification from anyone seeking a donation.
  3. Be careful of online requests for donations.
  4. No tax deduction doesn’t mean the charity is not a legitimate one, and
  5. Find out more about how the charity says it uses donations.

Here’s the results for ‘World Transform’, with #5 supplemented by the essentials of the ACNC’s What should I consider when deciding which charity to support?[1]

1.  There is no registered[2] charity in that name (www.acnc.gov.au). There is neither organisation nor business name in that name (www.asic.gov.au). An unincorporated entity in Tasmania holds the ABN for that name.

The ‘About’ section of the website reveals why we can’t find an organisation:

‘CRCA’ stands for ‘Christian Reformed Churches of Australia’. This is a registered charity (CRCA).

So, presumably the member of Missions Interlink is CRCA rather than the non-existent organisation ‘World Transform’.

To continue to trade under this name CRCA need to register it as a business name.


2.  There is nothing to indicate that CRCA uses either door-to-door or street collectors.


3.  The web address begins with a closed padlock symbol, so the website is secure [the ACNC article above[3]]. But there is nothing about the security of your information on the page where you enter it.


4.  CRCA’s ABN record says that it is not entitled to receive tax-deductible gifts. The information provided by CRCA is consistent with this.


5.  The use of your donations

For context, see ‘Our Ministries’ in the main menu.

The audited account of how a charity uses donations is the Financial Report on the ACNC Register.

For CRCA, their reporting is long overdue:

But, as can be seen from the 2018 entries, there is unlikely to be a Financial Report 2019 lodged on the Register. One is normally required from a charity of CRCA’s size, but because CRC is a ‘basic religious charity’, it is exempt.

It is permitted to lodge one though, and being a Christ-led charity and a member of Missions Interlink, one might expect that transparency. But it hasn’t chosen to do so in previous years.

Which could be argued, based on this extract from a sermon by an ‘emeritus minister of the CRCA’, is not consistent with their own teaching:

No financial statements are offered on either website.

Who’s responsible?

Anthony Deenick

Frederick De Feyter

Maria Jobse

Nobin Shunmugam

Charity response

The introduction to the Mission Interlink standards (see above) includes this statement:

We sent the member a draft of this review. Although they received the email, they chose not to respond.

End of review.



  1. A section in the article, Donating and Volunteering:
      • Focus on the nature of the charity’s work, its beneficiaries and the impact the charity is having in the community.
      • Is it clear what the charity is trying to achieve and how its activities work towards its objectives?
      • Would you like to spend your money, or time if volunteering, to support these objectives?
      • Is the charity being transparent about its activities?

  2. The ACNC implies, therefore, that it is a ‘legitimate’ charity. But this is not correct – as the ACNC itself points out, registration is voluntary.
  3. The ACNC’s information (in its article above) is not correct for the Chrome browser; it does not have ‘https’.