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Traverse: a charity review

I review Christian charities, particularly those who have voluntarily submitted themselves to the standards of a Christ-led organisation they have joined to represent their interests. Missions Interlink is one of two such organisations.

Missions Interlink recently announced the addition of a new associate member, Traverse.

Most members seek your donation, making the charity regulator’s suggested questions before you give relevant. Traverse has no website request for your money though[1].

Mission Interlink members have to accept a set of standards, the introduction to which includes this statement:

From the description of what they do, Traverse is a charity. However, the ACNC Register has no charity in that name. It is not, then, at least according to the regulator, a legitimate charity[2].

Not only that, but this entity does not even have an ABN. And another Christian entity, Malyon College, trades under the same name.

There is a business name ‘Traverse Australia’, held by M.D KUBE & P.M KUBE (a partnership). It has an ABN.

The Kubes are the people behind the website.

But a partnership cannot be registered as a charity.

So, although Traverse, from the website linked from the Missions Interlink membership list, appears to be a charity it is not one that is registered. And will not be able to be registered while it is a partnership.



  1. I sent them my initial draft of this review. The only thing they commented on was my answer to the ACNC question about online security for donations: ‘The Traverse website says that donations are ‘gratefully accepted’ but has no online giving facility.’ They removed the sentence about donations. In the subsequent interchange, they requested that I not publish the review.
  2. For the ACNC to imply that any charity not registered with it is not legitimate, is incorrect. As the ACNC itself points out, registration is voluntary.