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Reborn Ministries

.Pat Mesiti has a new presence. In my Facebook feed the other day, there he was. As a church, Reborn Ministries:



Now, if he’s repented and been restored (again), that’s fine. But what’s the accountability for his new church?

Churches are charities, so I did as any competent reviewer of charities would do, and looked them up on the charity regulator’s register. Nothing[1]. The ABN register shows that they are a public company, Reborn Ministries Limited[2], so, assuming that they are a not-for-profit, they should be eligible[3].

So not exempt from income tax:

Registration is not compulsory, but no registration means that there’s limited public accountability for the church (plus it will have to pay income tax).

But perhaps it will have no income? It’s only an online church, and there is no request for money on the website, and Pat made no request in the one sermon I listened to.

I naturally wondered about how the church would be paying his expenses, expenses that normally would include a salary, or at least an offering, for its Pastor.

I also wondered whether his theology was still in favour of promoting success in the world’s eyes. That is, preaching prosperity for Christians. Maybe, just maybe, he’d repented of that too (like Costi Hinn).

I hadn’t kept up with what had happened to him after his fall from grace with Hillsong, so the update available from the promotional email in my Inbox this morning, (as a result of signing up to ‘Stay In Touch’ on the Reborn Ministries’ website) told me that (1) he won’t starve if the church doesn’t pay him, and (2) yes, he’s still promoting wealth:

The email came from mesiti.com, the site of MesitiHQ. So, although it appears that there is no charge for the training, there must be a dollar in it for Pat somewhere. So, he can do his church as a freebie.

And not pay any tax because there’ll be no income.




  1. I asked them why, but got no response.

  2. Registered a month ago.

  3. They’ve not registered the name ‘Reborn Ministries’, so should be trading under their full name.