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Archived: Missions Interlink NSW: mini-charity review

Charity registration 'voluntarily revoked', effective 30 June 2017.  No ABN at 18 August 2021.

Missions Interlink NSW (MIN) is of interest because one of its ‘responsible persons’ (ACNC), Judith Kay, is also a director of the organisation[1] that runs Missions Interlink, a body that, until recently[2], was the only ‘Christian’ body requiring accountability of its members.

MIN is registered as a charity. But should it be? Its ABN was cancelled from 1 October 2017, and the ACNC won’t register a charity that doesn’t have an ABN.

Missions Interlink NSW is a State branch of Missions Interlink. When I reviewed MI two years ago, I commented that ‘There is no explanation of why the Victorian branch deregistered, or why the other State branches are not registered. (Or, alternatively, why NSW is still registered.)’. So, it is no surprise that in the MIN Annual Information Statement (AIS) lodged last month, they said that in 2018

MI NSW will continue to operate the same activities but its ACNC registration will be voluntarily revoked and its reporting consolidated with AEA Inc. Mission Interlink’s registration.

It lodged its AIS 2017, for the year ended 30 June 2017, on 4 January 2018, so presumably it did not expect any revocation to take effect until after that AIS was due, on 31 January 2018.

No Financial Report 2017 had to be lodged, nor financial information included in the AIS. This is a consequence of MIN being a ‘basic religious charity’. It also doesn’t have to comply with the ACNC’s governance standards.

The ACNC Register, under ‘Responsible Persons’, says that these are the committee members of MIN:

John Ackad

Magda Ackad

John Anderson

Warwick Coghlan

Judith Kay

Margaret Love

Rhianna Miles

Philip Morris

Pamela Thyer

Kephas Wong

An update of the review of the national Missions Interlink organization is well overdue. I will speak to the person responsible.



  1. Australian Evangelical Alliance Incorporated.
  2. Now we have the CMA Standards Council.