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Archived: Hope India Mission Australia Inc.: charity review

Charity registration revoked, but still a charity (with ABN and website).

This is a charity review of Hope India Mission Australia Inc. (HI), an organisation that, because it is registered with the ACNC, is subject to their accountability, and because it is a member of Mission Interlink, is subject to their accountability.

The ACNC allows a charity a generous six months after its year-end to lodge its Annual Information Statement (AIS). It is now 15 months and no sign of an AIS from HI. You’d think that might be enough to see them gone as a registered charity, but the ACNC errs in favour of the charity, not the donor: it is not until HI fails to submit another AIS, that is, two in a row, that the ACNC will ‘progress towards revoking its registration’.

At least the risk from this latitude with accountability is minimised in that HI doesn’t seek donations online.

With Missions Interlink, the consequences of HI’s blatant disregard for the law should come earlier. Assuming that last year’s practice continues, HI must sign a declaration, by 31 August 2018, that, among other things, they have ‘met all applicable charity reporting requirements’. If this declaration is not received, then Missions Interlink says that MI will be ‘no longer listed as a member of Missions Interlink’.  It will therefore lose its income tax exemption[1].

Plenty of other fish in the sea donors, so…end of review.

  1. I sent HI a draft of this review. They did not respond.