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Hillcrest Christian College

Care:  At least some of the information about this charity is no longer current.  Use the ‘Search charity names’ box to see if there is a later review.  If the latest review has a message like this, you are welcome to make your case for an updated review via email to ted@businessbythebook.com.au.

This is a review in the series ‘Organisations accredited by the CMA Standards Council.’ The CMA Standards Council is ‘a ministry of Christian Ministry Advancement[1], with a missionto help build faith and trust in Christian organisations, be they churches, charities, schools or otherwise, to enable them to achieve more effective outcomes[2].


The 20th member[3], ‘Hillcrest Christian College’, was recently added[4] to the ‘Directory of Accredited Partners’.[5]


The website linked from the Directory goes to a website in the same name, ‘Hillcrest Christian College.’


Despite having two funds, gifts to which ‘may be deductible,’ there is no evidence that the funds are operating. Nor does Hillcrest seek non-deductible donations.


And it received not a penny in donations last year [Financial Report 2020, ACNC Register].


Why Hillcrest would go through the trouble of accreditation with the Standards Council to get on a ‘Give Confidently’ directory is a mystery. (There is no mention of it on the website.) Perhaps it is a consequence of the recent governance troubles (and here).


If you want a review of Hillcrest for another reason, please contact us.


(For evidence of the effect of accreditation by the Standards Council, read the reviews of the other 19 members. The review of Sydney Diocesan Services is particularly helpful, because it reviews the charity’s compliance with each of the standards.)


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  2. Emphasis in original.
  3. https://www.cmasc.net.au/news/hillcrest-christian-college-partner-number-20
  4. It achieved this by meeting the Council’s ‘Principles and Standards of Responsible Stewardship’, and therefore is able to be promoted as a ‘high quality organisation’.
  5. http://www.cmasc-generosity.net.au/directory.php