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Archived: Common Life: mini-charity review

Care:  At least some of the information about this charity is no longer current.  Use the ‘Search charity names’ box to see if there is a later review.  If the latest review has a message like this, you are welcome to make your case for an updated review via email to ted@businessbythebook.com.au.

Mini-charity review of Common Life, an organisation that has a board member, Jame Lewis, who is a director of the charity responsible for the CMA Standards C0uncil, a ‘major new initiative, accrediting Christian organisations against a set of standards of good governance, financial oversight, and fundraising ethics.’

Is it responsive to feedback?

  • When sent a draft of this review, on 27 March, they…did not respond.

Is it registered?

  • Yes, as a charity.
  • Not incorporated.
  • One of the directors, Jame Lewis, is the holder of the business name Common Life.
  • No information was found to indicate that Common Life raises funds from the public.

What does Common Life do?

  • Per their last Annual Information Statement (AIS 2015):
    • Providing support to others in their Christian faith.
  • Per their constitution:
    • Common Life is an independent, ecumenical foundation dedicated to developing alternative expressions of Christian life and mission.

Do they share the Gospel?

  • It appears not.

What impact are they having?

  • No information found.

Can you get a tax deduction?

  • No

Is their online giving secure?

  • NA – none offered.

What choices do you have in how your donation is used?

  • NA

Is their reporting up-to-date?

  • No. Their AIS is over two months overdue.

Does their reporting comply with the regulator’s requirements?

  • No.  Their AIS is over two months overdue.
  • Their last submission:
    • Annual Information Statement 2015 (AIS 2015): Not quite – no outcomes are reported.
    • Financial Report 2015: Yes.
      • Common Life’s status as a ‘Basic Religious Charity’ means that not only does it not need to submit a Financial Report, but nor does it have to complete the ‘Financial Information’ section of the AIS.
      • There is no requirement in its constitution for financial statements.

What financial situation was shown in that Report?

  • NA

What do they spend outside the costs directly incurred in delivering the above impact, that is, on administration?

  • No information is available.

What did the auditor say about the last financial statements?

  • There is no evidence that Common Life produces financial statements.

If a charity, is their page on the ACNC Register complete?

  • ‘Phone’ is blank (but this information is optional) [Parenthetical information added 14.04.17].
    • ‘Website’ is blank, but they don’t have a website.
    • ‘Email’ is blank but the Street Address is an acceptable alternative to the ACNC (but this information is optional) [Correction plus parenthetical information added 14.04.17].

Who are the people controlling the organisation?

  • Per the ACNC Register (under ‘Responsible Persons’):
    • Peter Angelovski
    • Peter Chapman
    • Wayne Gardiner
    • Helen Rowe
    • Donald Stewart
    • Jame Lewis
      • Jame is a director of Christian Management Advancement Ltd, an organisation that believes that
        • Christian organisations should be the standard-setters in terms of impeccable corporate behaviour.
          • The mission of their committee, the CMA Standards Council, is to ‘help build faith and trust in Christian organisations’, including by allowing organisations who are compliant with a set of standards, formed by the Council, to display the Council’s seal of approval.

To whom is Common Life accountable?