About us

Business by the Book (that’s the registered business name),  exists to advance the Christian religion by

(a) giving ‘Christian’ charities an independent expert view on their accountability, transparency and helpfulness to potential donors,

(b) giving Christian donors an independent source of information on Christian charities to help them make a wise giving decision,

(c) educating both parties,

(d) providing an independent source of comment on Christian charities and Christian giving,

(e)  offering professional advice on governance to non-Christian charities.


(a) to (c) are achieved by writing and publishing a review of the charity – unsolicited and without charge to anyone – and by responding to donor queries and other requests for advice (again for free).

(d) is achieved via a blog (see ‘Blog’).


There is no other organisation in Australia that provides independent reviews of Christian charities.  The closest is a service owned by an association, the members of which are the charities themselves, a service that does not publish the results of its reviews, but just awards a seal if the charity meets its standards.