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  1. Peter S.
    November 10, 2014 @ 9:06 pm

    Thanks Ted,
    This is an excellent explanation, and caution, for those who are attracted to invest their life savings in the church; The Anglican Investment and Development Fund (AIDF). As you say, the brochure and service offered does look attractive.

    It is disappointing that the Anglican Church would permit investment arrangements to be set up – under their name and promoted by leaders in the church – that look as safe as a bank; but are not.

    It is sensible to be cautious. I understand Newcastle is ‘broke’ and both the Bathurst and Sydney Dioceses have been caught short with unwise use of finances entrusted to them. It is a bit late for the ‘widow’s mite’ when the Bishop begs synod to ‘forgive’ their business manager’s financial indiscretions! (as happened in the Sydney diocese.)


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